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Cupping Therapy Session: 

(30 min)

Cupping is an excellent way to detoxify and restore.  It acts to oxygenate your muscles and promote blood circulation throughout your entire body to heal a wide range of conditions.  Cupping speeds up recovery time and improves physical endurance. This 30 minute cupping session includes bodywork and essential oil therapy in addition to the deep-tissue massage like quality of glass and bamboo cups. 


Lymphatic Drainage Detox Treatment: 

(60 min)

Detoxifying and cleansing the lymphatic system improves your immune system, assists in weight loss, reduces inflammation and promotes healing.  This restorative treatment consists of Cupping, Dry Brushing, Massage, Essential Oil Therapy and Bodywork.   We recommend this treatment to all patients who are seeking more energy and enhanced focus.


BODY WORK Qi Healing Session:   



QI healing sessions focus on opening circulation in your physical, emotional and spiritual body through channel oriented medical massage therapy and energy center alignment techniques.  During this session you will sink into deep relaxation and healing as proper Qi flow is restored and your mind becomes clearer.  This session includes aromatherapy and breathwork therapy in addition to the healing benefits of the unique hands on healing practice of Jenna Vitale L.Ac.

Body Work

$55.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
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