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Our Founder-Liuhong Xu

Hi,my name is Liuhong and come from China. In my childhood, I had severe asthma and couldn’t breathe very smoothly sometimes, especially in winter. Too much western medicine debilitated my constitution therefore I grew up not well, very skinny and short. When I was 10 year old, a TCM doctor healed my asthma completely in 3 months by acupuncture and herbs nevertheless it hadn’t been cured by western medicine for 6 years. This fascinating experience rooted in my brain and motivated me to select TCM as my lifelong interest and career. I want to help people keep health just as the same as that TCM doctor did to me.

 In China, after 8 years of hard study in in Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, I obtained a Master degree of TCM Gynecology& Acupuncturist in 1999. I worked in a huge public hospitals in China as an attending Gynecologist, focusing on women’s health, such as infertility, irregular periods, PMS, menopausal syndrome, endometriosis, PCOS and so on. At the same time I studied psychology, nutrition and functional medicine systematically to improve my understanding of natural health & wellbeing .I has helped tons of women to go through their fertility& menstruation journey and improved their life quality. In 2006, because of my fluent English and spectacular clinical efficacy, I was invited to work in UK as an expertise of TCM doctor for 1 year.


In 2017,I moved over to the USA because I met my Mr. Right online and decided to settle down in Los Angeles. Based on my medicine background, I transferred all credits from China and got my license as an acupuncturist& Herbalist in California after landing for two weeks. In the past three year, I worked at Yosan University as an senior instructor & clinical supervisor of Women’s health. Meanwhile I also treated patients in my own practice. I was respected and admired by patients and students due to my knowledge, sincerity and immediate clinical results. I received so much praise& gratitude from my patient that is really touching and valuable to me. 


I am glad we relocated in San Francisco because we love authentic urban life. I start my own practice immediately because there are so many suffering & challenging with women, no matter what age they are. They need someone who really understand what’s going on and care what they want. I couldn’t help sharing my 20 years experience with them and support them at different stage by a comprehensive & naturally way. TCM restore the natural balance of the body internally and externally and encourage the bodies’ initial healing process physically and mentally.


We can make some miracles true because Chinese medicine has been proved by scientific research & clinical treatment very significantly effective approach to improve women’s health. Welcome to see me! Call me at 415 539 9806 for free 15 minutes consultation. Your life will be different with health & hope.

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