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Greenseed Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice focused on Fertility, Women's Health, and Pain Management.

I apply the practice of Acupuncture, Herbology, Nutritional Counseling, Cupping, Guasha, and Sound Healing to  meet your specific needs.

I combine my training in traditional Chinese medicine with modern Western medical science to provide the best of both worlds.

At Greenseed Acupuncture, we help you see the big picture of your healthcare needs.

Appointments now offered in-person and virtually.​

Free 15-min Phone Consultation: 415-539-9806

Women are more empowered than ever; in careers, communities, society, and in life.  Many female health concerns, mostly the monthly cycle, can have a huge affect on a womens’ daily routine. Symptoms such as mood swings, depression, irregular spotting, heavy cramping, breast tenderness, headaches, heavy periods, no period, eating habits, anxieties, and sexual dysfunctions, are often related to the hormonal fluctuations that women’s body goes through every cycle.


Hi,my name is Liuhong and come from China. In my childhood, I had severe asthma and couldn’t breath sometimes. Too much western medicine weakened my appetite constitution. I grew up not well. At last my parents tried their best to find an excellent TCM doctor who healed my asthma completely in 3 months by acupuncture and herbs which hadn’t been cured by medication for 3 years. Those incredible clinical effects rooted in my heart and motivated me to select TCM as my lifelong interest and career. I want to help people keep health just like the doctor helped me .

Mercy H.

I’m so glad I found Dr.Xu through my friend! I have a tough time of conception due to my irregular period. She utilized “whole body” approach to healing and fine-tuning my hormone according to different phase of the cycle by acupuncture, nutrition and herbs. After three month’s visit, I had regular period without PMS and got pregnant right away in the fourth month, a big surprise to us. I definitely will follow her for my healthy pregnancy and postpartum caring too. I highly recommend her to anybody unreserved who want to conceive. Thank you so much.

Cara D. 

I am exhausted by twice failed IVF cycles. My doctor suggested me to find an acupuncturist to prepare for the third time. I was impressed by Dr.Xu’s rich clinical experience in China. She really understood the underlying course of my infertility, poor ovarian response. I spent 3 months, twice treatment a week on her pre-fertility program. She provided me with detailed diet, exercise plan, essential supplement , customized herbs and regular acupuncture session. In the third IVF cycle, my egg retrieval is extremely successful with 5 mature follicles. My doctor said it’s a miracle at my age, 44. She filled my life with hope &health.

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