Do you have enough VitD?

What vitamin plays a critical roll in your fertility and a healthy pregnancy?

What vitamin is almost totally absent from our food supply?

What vitamin is the hidden cause of so much suffering that is so easy to treat?

The answer to all of these questions is vitamin D.

Vitamin D is essential for treating infertility, miscarriage, depression, muscle pain, immune issues, bone health, and much more.

Vitamin D – why is it essential for your fertility?

Several studies have proven that vitamin D is critical for a healthy pregnancy. Women with optimal levels of Vitamin D have a significantly higher rate of both getting pregnant and staying pregnant, resulting in more live births. Vitamin D acts like a hormone to improve the maturation of eggs, and then regulates the immune system to help prevent miscarriage. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with fewer pregnancies, more miscarriages, and a higher risk for pregnancy complications including pre-eclampsia, preterm delivery, and C-sections.

Are your vitamin D levels supporting your fertility?

Over the last 15 years, I have tested almost every patient in my practice for vitamin D deficiency, and I have been shocked by the results. Almost everyone is deficient. What’s even more amazing is what happens when my patients’ vitamin D status reac