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Wellness Services

 Cash & Treatment package discounts available

We accept Out of Network Insurance Plans. Please contact to verify Insurance. 

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New Patient Wellness Visit

90 min | $110              

During your first visit, you will be given a detailed consultation with an in depth intake of your health history & nutritional counseling.  An assessment of your condition and treatment timeline will be provided to you. This session includes a custom acupuncture treatment, essential oil therapy and bodywork.   Herbal or supplementary medicine may be prescribed.

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Follow Up Wellness Visit

60-75 min | $90         

During follow up visits, we track your progress, and focus on where you are in your healing journey.  Sessions include a Custom Acupuncture Treatment, Essential Oil therapy, Bodywork and/or Cupping.  Depending on the nature of your condition, herbal or supplementary medicine may be prescribed.

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Facial Acupuncture Rejuvenation

75 min |  New: $130   Follow Up $115          

For centuries, empresses and women alike have used the ancient technique of facial acupuncture to enhance their natural beauty. Facial Acupuncture strengthens the muscles in your face to reduce the appearance of fine lines and promotes a youthful glow.   Your Facial Rejuvenation session includes Facial Acupuncture, Custom Herbal Masks, Jade guasha and rolling, Facial Cupping and Bodywork.    This comprehensive treatment enhances the health of the entire body to promote beauty from within.


Lymphatic Drainage Detox Treatment

60 min | $100                

Detoxifying and cleansing the lymphatic system improves your immune system, assists in weight loss, reduces inflammation and promotes healing.  This restorative treatment consists of Cupping, Dry Brushing, Massage, Essential Oil Therapy and Bodywork.   We recommend this treatment to all patients who are seeking more energy and enhanced focus.

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Cupping Therapy Session

30 min |  $50            

Cupping is an excellent way to detoxify and restore.  It acts to oxygenate your muscles and promote blood circulation throughout your entire body to heal a wide range of conditions.  Cupping also speeds up recovery time and improves physical endurance. This 30 minute cupping session includes bodywork and essential oil therapy in addition to the deep-tissue massage like quality of glass and bamboo cups. 

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Herbal Medicine Consultation

 30-45 min |  $50 plus cost of Rx       

Herbal consultations involve an in depth intake of your health condition.  Herbal medicine is custom blended and prescribed to meet your unique needs. 

We utilize both Chinese & Western herbs along with nutritional supplements.  All medicine is of the highest quality and standard.  Herbal consultations are offered both in office and via telemedicine.  Utilize the power of herbal medicine today to improve your health.

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Greenseed Acupuncture Sound Healing Session

60 min  |  $175      

Heart Based Sound Healing sessions effectively bring you into a meditative (theta brain wave) state to promote deep healing. In this session you will receive your preference of acupuncture or acupressure with essential oil therapy as you sink into the crystalline vibration of Nepalese Quartz singing bowls.  Sound healing effectively relieves stress, chronic anxiety, PTSD and accelerates the healing process of physical conditions. It activates healing on all levels: mental, physical, spiritual.

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