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Formulated by herbalist Jenna Vitale MATCM,  this herbal extract acts as a daily defense by activating the immune response and promotes a calm, focused mind & happy mood.


It non-alcoholic, has a pleasant taste and is perfect for both adults and children ages 4+


This well rounded herbal blend targets healthy respiratory, digestive and immune function.




Huang Qi-   “ The raiser of Righteous Qi”


Astragulus is a Chinese herb used to support the defensive Qi or “Wei Qi’ AKA the immune system. It is a powerful antioxidant known to support the integrity of the respiratory tract and balance the gut biome.  Huang Qi enters the spleen and lung channels and can assist in boosting the immunity as well as combatting fatigue.   Studies have proven Huang Qi to be an important herb in the prevention of cancer, as it helps in T- Cell production.  



Bai Zhu-  “ The Balance Master ”


Actracdylotus is a Chinese herb that supports healthy digestive function.  It enters the spleen meridian and assists in maintaining healthy fluid metabolism.  When combined with Huang Qi and Fang Feng, it makes up the classic formula “Jade Windscreen”, strengthening the body’s defensive Qi and bolstering the integrity of the immune system. 




Feng fang-  “Chaser of pain & pathogens”


The third ingredient in “Jade Windscreen”, Feng Fang is an anti-viral and anti-bacterial, kicking out pathogens at the first sign of exposure.  It strengthen’s the innate and humoral immunity.



Lemon Balm-  “That which maketh the heart merry & joyful”


Melissa Officinalis is a member of the mint family.   It acts to improve the immune response, reduce inflammation and is an anti-bacterial and anti-viral herb.  For centuries it has been praised and written about as a magical herb to grant tranquility and peace of mind.  In addition to it’s immune boosting properties, Lemon Balm also effectively relaxes the nervous system to improve the mood, reduce stress and relieve anxiety. 




Reishi (ling zhi) “ Herb of Spiritual Potency”


Reishi is a medicinal mushroom that has been used for thousands of years to of promotie health & longevity.  It is a potent antioxidant with anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties that acts to reduce inflammation throughout the entire body.   Reishi is an adaptogenic herb, working to promote stable energy levels and improve response to stress for a balanced mood.  It is considered a natural antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal substances thanks to the active compounds it contains.




Echinacea- “ The flower remedy for all”


A Native American herbs commonly used to prevent colds, flus and nearly any form of infection.  Echinacea











Ultimate Immune Blend

  • 2 oz | 60 oz 


    Non- GMO

    Alcohol Free


    Gluten Free

    No artificial colors, pesticides, preservatives or heavy metals






  • Adults 12 and over take 3-4 ML each day

    Children 12 and under take 1-2 ML each day

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