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Golden Sunshine Pain Terminator herbal patches are a general-purpose analgesic for treating pain and stiffness in muscles and joints.


It is ideal for use on broad areas — such as the back, shoulder, or thigh - and can be cut to size for smaller areas. It can even be wrapped around fingers or toes.


Each patch contains a piezoelectric ingredient that is activated by body heat to emit the far infrared frequency. They are infused with Chinese herbs that are considered either "warm," "cool," or "balanced" in Chinese herbology.


Use these patches together with our herbal cream or spray for increased potency. This product is available in several varieties, the most popular of which come in both professional and patient configurations.


Each pack comes with 5 patches.

Pain Terminator Patches

  • Active Ingredients: Menthol 3%, topical analgesic, wintergreen oil 0.5%, topical analgesic, tourmaline 1%. Other Ingredients: Sesame oil, resin, paeoniae veitchii radix, zinc oxide, drynariae rhizoma, angelica sinensis radix, carthami flos, pyritnum, draconis resina, frankencense, myrrha, terebinthina, ligustiei rhizoma, achyranthis radix, acanthopanacus cortex, acori rhizoma, atractylodis rhizoma, saussureae radix, gentianae macrophyllae radix, cnidii monnieri fructus, cinnamonomi cortex, aconiti tuber, pinelliae tuber, dendrobii caulis, dioscoreae tokoro rhizoma, indigo carmine, tartrazine.

  • For adults and children 6 and older. Clean the affected area before use. Can be cut to size. Peel off film and cover affected area with patch. Keep on for up to 8 hours under normal conditions. Apply once or twice per day as needed. Allow skin to breath for a few hours between applications. Users with sensitive skin should test on a small area first.

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