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IVF / IUI  Optimization

Success of IVF and IUI depend just as much on the balanced state of your body as does success without these assisted reproductive technique.

Scientific studies have shown again and again that acupuncture can increase IVF and IUI success rates dramatically. A review combining the results of seven previous studies has found that IVF with acupuncture (compared to IVF alone) increases the chances of having an ongoing pregnancy (beyond 12 weeks from gestation) by 87%, and nearly doubles the chance of a successful live birth[1].

First of all, IVF acupuncture balances the energy pathways or "meridians" in the whole body not only reproductive area which helps all of the organs and systems to function properly, such as sleeping tight, good appetite, reducing stress and so on. At the same time, whole body’ well-being also boost reproductive health.

Moreover, acupuncture performed before and during IVF/IUI increases blood flow to the uterus and ovaries. In addition, acupuncture regulates fertility hormones, which may contribute to follicle development and increased implantation.

Recent clinical studies show that combining acupuncture with your IVF/IUI and medicated cycle:  

  • increases implantation rates during an IVF embryo transfer

  • increases pregnancy rates

  • enhances egg quality & increasing ovarian responsiveness

  • improves blood flow to the ovaries & uterus

  • enhances uterine lining and reproductive hormones

  • improves sperm (count, morphology, & motility)

  • reduces stress and anxiety associated with infertility

  • prevents miscarriage and early pregnancy loss

  • decreases medication side effects

  • a lower likelihood of miscarriage

Acupuncture Preparation for an IVF/IUI Cycle

Under the Greenseed acupuncture method of care for IVF / IUI optimization, we like to see patients two times a week for three months prior to their IVF/IUI cycle as this is a full egg development cycle. However, if this is not possible, we still see good results with treatment while you are in the cycle, and we will often increase frequency of visits. Depending on your history and presentations, treatment frequency can vary. After your initial consultation we will create a tailored plan for your, including treatment frequency, supplements and herbs, dietary and lifestyle recommendations. 

Acupuncture During an IVF/IUI Cycle


During your IVF/IUI cycle we provide a variety of treatments built off of evidence-based protocols and individualized treatments to assist your Western reproductive medicine treatments. We determine the best protocol based on your history, and your response to the treatment throughout the cycle, and we tailor the treatment to each individual. We recommend 6-12 treatments during your cycle. 

Acupuncture On The Day of Egg Retrieval 

We recommend acupuncture pre-egg retrieval, to help relax the cervix and increase blood flow to the uterus. Ideally we would like to see you at least 24-48 hours pre-retrieval.

Acupuncture After Egg Retrieval 

Acupuncture at this stage can help the body heal from any micro-trauma or inflammation to the uterine tissue after the procedure, and minimize the bloating, distention, and cramps that can come with egg retrieval. The retrieval is an invasive procedure and acupuncture is very helpful to speed recovery and prepare the uterus for implantation.

If you are doing a fresh egg transfer, acupuncture will also help create a calm environment for transfer of the embryo.

Acupuncture On The Day of Embryo Transfer

We recommend acupuncture pre and post embryo transfer to assist your current IVF cycle. Ideally we would like to see you at least 24-48 hours pre and post transfer. 

Acupuncture treatments at the time of embryo transfer help to promote uterine blood flow, enhance positive implantation, prevent uterine contractions, reduce overall stress, promote relaxation and increase pregnancy success rate.

Acupuncture After Embryo Transfer

Our focus is to create an optimal environment for embryo. We encourage following up with 2-3 acupuncture treatments within the 5-7 days following embryo transfer, in order to further assist implantation and embryo development with a lower likelihood of miscarriage.

At Greenseed Acupuncture we want to help you along your fertility journey . Those in San Francisco and across the Bay Area are invited to contact us at 415-539-9806.

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